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309 Esther Street
Fullerton, NE 68638

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Emergency Management
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2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Jenna Clark

Region 44 Emergency Manager
(Boone, Merrick, Nance Counties)

Region 44 Emergency Management

Recognizing the need for the most effective possible emergency management structure for dealing with disaster, Boone, Merrick and Nance Counties joined as signatories of an Interlocal Agreement for Emergency Management Services establishing Region 44 Emergency Management.  A member of each County Board sits on the Region 44 Emergency Management Services Supervisory Committee.  A Region 44 Emergency Management Coordinator, overseen by the Committee, supports emergency preparedness activities throughout Boone, Merrick, and Nance Counties.

Region 44 Emergency Management's Mission

The mission of the Region 44 Emergency Management Program is to provide integrated and comprehensive emergency management services necessary to protect Boone, Merrick and Nance Counties from all hazards in a cost-effective, implementable, and sustainable manner.