Local Emergency Planning Committee meets on a quarterly basis.


Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Federal Government has placed emphasis on hazardous materials storage and planning in each community. Through the SARA TITLE III PROGRAM, it is mandated that each county have a LEPC in place for the purpose of planning, keeping track of the storage facilities, and a plan for response in the event of an incident at a storage facility. The SARA TITLE III PROGRAM is the community's right-to-know where and what is stored in their community. Each facility must report to three agencies - the local fire department, the LEPC office (through the Region 44 Emergency Management Office), and the Department of Environmental Quality. It is further mandated that each county, or as a region, have a LEPC which is directed under the authority of the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). The LEPC group should meet on a quarterly basis.

LEPC Minimum Requirements:

  1. Establish rules and procedures
  2. Review and update HazMat plan once a year
  3. Designate public library to receive the plan
  4. Provide plan to governing body for review,
  5. Provide annual notice to public in local newspapers where the plan MSDS, chemical inventory forms, are available for review,
  6. Annually elect a chairperson, 81-15,216, and designate a Coordinator of Information,
  7. Meet annually and provide public notice of meeting,
  8. Provide annual report of all expenditures to the SERC

Current LEPC Officers:

Boone County LEPC Elected Officers

  • Chair: Amy Zaruba
  • Vice Chair: Rich Good
  • Sec/Treas: Jenice Stevenson

Nance County LEPC Elected Officers

  • Chair: John Ahlers
  • Vice Chair: Brent Beekman
  • Sec/Treas:

Merrick County LEPC Elected Officers

  • Chair: Francis McCulla
  • Vice Chair: Dean Hartwig
  • Sec/Treas: Thea Edmunds

For more information on the LEPC in Boone, Merrick, and Nance please contact Region 44 Emergency Management